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Keeping track of your finances is important and the best financing apps of 2019 can help you do just that as well as so much more. How to Finance | How to Budget | What is Budgeting | How to Manage Finances | Apps to Manage Finances | Money Apps

Best Finance Apps 2019

The days of balancing a checkbook are far gone. But that means we don’t have to keep an eye on our bank account balance as often. While some see this as a blessing it actually makes your finances more complicated. You could just keep checking your bank app to see if you have enough money […]

Using the best apps for travel planning will keep you organized as you plan, save money during every step, and get you on your way faster than ever. #travel #traveltips #travelapps #bestapps #planning #tripplanning

Best Apps for Travel Planning | Save Time and Stay Organized

For some, planning a trip is the definition of fun. Searching the internet for the best deals, looking at the different hotel rooms and resorts available, figuring out the best time to fly and then planning activities can be just as much fun as the vacation itself. But for others, the planning process can be […]

Judging by the news stories and some tales from my fellow gamers, I'd say it's high time we discuss some of the Best Pokemon Go Safety Tips! Safety Tips for Pokemon Go | How to Play Pokemon Go | How to Save Safe While Playing Pokemon Go | #pokemongo #safety #games #mobilegames

Best Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Have you tried the new and hugely popular Pokemon Go?! There are few things you need to get started: a smartphone, the Pokemon Go app, a portable battery pack, and most importantly you will need common sense! Here are some of the best Pokemon Go safety tips, use them and don’t end up in a […]

Pokemon Go got a lot of press - both good and bad. However, there are plenty of good reasons to let kids play Pokemon Go! Should I Let My Kids Play Pokemon Go | Why Let Kids Play Pokemon Go | Is Pokemon Go Dangerous to Play #pokemongo #parenting #games #family #safety

Best Reasons to Let Kids Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has pretty much taken over the world lately! The news surrounding the game has been both positive and negative. As a mother of two children I need to weigh the good and the bad before I let my kids play Pokemon Go…or anything else for that matter!  Pokemon Go got a lot of […]

The millennial generation fully embraces technology by using some of the best apps available today and now you can too...even if you're not a millennial! Best Android Apps | Apps for iOS | Banking Apps | Best Social Media Apps | Apps for Smart Homes #apps #tech #android #iOS

Best Apps for the Millennial Generation

One of the great benefits of growing up in the millennial generation is the technology. As millennials we grew up with technology; we invented new, creative uses for it, we socialize on it, and now we even find dates on it! Those millennials who are able to embrace technology have lives that pretty much begin […]

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