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Elegant Bridal Shower roses

Elegant Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas 

Throwing a bridal shower for someone close to you might seem overwhelming. The process can be very tedious and time-consuming. From choosing the theme to picking out what dishes to serve, there are many steps taken to celebrate the bride-to-be. Instead of stressing about the to-do list, check out some of these elegant and classy […]

Use DIY Apartment decorating ideas to help inspire the more creative side of yourself and enjoy a beautiful living space at the same time. DIY Ideas | DIY Decor Ideas | How to Decorate an Apartment | How to Decorate a Wall | Decorating Ideas for Renters | Decorating Ideas for Apartments

DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas to Amp up Your Style

Whether it’s intentional or not, how you decorate your apartment says a lot about you. Works of art can showcase what you’re into, just as a lack of art can do the same. But there are those among us who want to show their greener side, or a side of them that recycles and is […]

Use amazingly easy summer crafts for kids this year to fill their time with fun and creativity during those long summer days! DIY Summer Crafts | What to do During Summer | Things to do During Summer | Craft Ideas for Kids | Summer Activities for Kids

Easy Summer Crafts for Kids to Fight Boredom

With summer comes great responsibility; a responsibility to have fun. But there are a lot of off days for kids during summer vacation and there is only so much you can do to keep them preoccupied while you work or clean or take care of them. But there are things you can use to help […]

Host the best mermaid party you can by making DIY mermaid birthday party decorations that will add color and fun to the birthday festivities. How to Throw a Mermaid Party | How to Decorate a Mermaid Party | Mermaid Party Ideas | DIY Mermaid Party Decor

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations that are Easy and Colorful

When throwing a party for a child, the theme is everything. The theme of the party extends to the food, the utensils, and especially the decor. There are many different themes to choose from and new ones seem to pop up all of the time. Mermaids are among the many different themes and mermaid birthday […]

You can DIY your way through the spring holiday with some mesh Easter wreaths and centerpieces that will add color to your home. DIY Decor | DIY Easter Decor | DIY Home Decor | Easter Decoration Ideas | Easter Centerpiece Ideas | DIY Easter Centerpieces

DIY Mesh Easter Wreaths and Centerpieces with a Pop of Color

Wreaths have become a popular way of decorating in many homes. What used to be reserved for Christmas has been adapted to other holidays and seasons throughout the year. These circular pieces of art that hang from the door or over a mantel can add a festive or personal touch to your home any time […]

Get crafty and DIY yourself some amazing Valentine’s Day party decorations for kids so they can celebrate the holiday in their own ways. DIY Crafts | Valentine's Day Decor | Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids | DIY Crafts for Kids | Holiday DIY Crafts

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a time when love is in the air and shown in many different ways. For kids, Valentine’s Day is about sharing kind words with others and learning how to care for your fellow boys and girls. Schools often throw Valentine’s Day parties for students and teachers decorate classrooms. To help liven things […]

Use a few DIY no carve pumpkin decorating ideas to keep the knives and sharp tools out of reach of your children while they still get to enjoy the creatively spooky fun of Halloween. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids | No Carve Pumpkin Ideas | Halloween Crafts for Kids | DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

DIY No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Making a pumpkin a spooky Halloween decoration seems to require a lot of work. There are many different ways to decorate a pumpkin, some people like to carve, others like to shave them down, but there is one that requires no sharp tools and that kids can do as well. DIY no carve pumpkin decorating […]

DIY Valentines Day crafts could help parents save money on cards and more during the celebration of love, friendship, and companionship. DIY Crafts | Holiday DIY Crafts | Best DIY Holiday Crafts | Valentines Day Craft Ideas | Valentines Day Crafts for Kids | Best Valentine Craft Ideas

35 DIY Valentines Day Crafts for Kids that Will Save Parents Money

Valentine Day is just around the corner and that means many adults will be out shopping for gifts for their significant others. But adults aren’t the only ones who get in on the action. Children across the country are bringing Valentines Day crafts and cards to class to share with the entire class. The goal […]

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