Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Welcome to California, the home of beautiful beaches, Disneyland, some of the best eating, best resorts, and The Best of Life. We love the California lifestyle and want to share every aspect of the state we love with others. We want to help people who are visiting California enjoy the best that their destination has to offer.  From finding the best places to eat in San Francisco or the best resort hotels in Southern California, we are to help.  We can help you with your travel plans when visiting Napa so you can find the best way to drink and stay fit.  Every aspect of California has something for everyone of every type and it’s up to you to enjoy it. Since The Best of Life has traveled all over this great state, we have the best info for tourists and locals. Our goal is to show you why we love this great state and bring you over to our side of the opinion.