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Best Websites to Read in the Morning Before Work to Feel Smart

Do you feel like your brain gets turned into jello via an endless onslaught of mind numbing lolcats and political rants from your friends on Facebook? If so, skip Facebook in the morning and instead enjoy these best websites to read in the morning to counteract the zombie attack on your intelligence!

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My brain naturally seeks out patterns and makes connections between concepts that aren’t usually correlated.   But it needs food in order to do that.  Articles and posts from the sites below are that food.  Sometimes I have my best ideas on how to solve a problem at work after reading an article about a seemingly unrelated topic. Add a cup of joe to that routine and get ready for a caffeine fueled idea extravaganza!  Go forth and conquer corporate America after this simple routine of best websites to read in the morning that will increase your smarts.

Go forth and conquer corporate America after this simple routine of best websites to read in the morning that will increase your smarts.

Go forth and conquer corporate America after this simple routine of best websites to read in the morning that will increase your smarts.

Corporate America is a beast that many of us try and control on a daily basis. The fight conquers many and can eat you alive. Luckily, there are tools that help you in your fight; tools like websites. These business oriented sites are the best websites to read in the morning and will prepare you for battle. News, facts, forecasts and more all become part of your tool belt, your weaponry, your path to success.


From articles about new technology to studies on human behavior to scientific research covering many different domains, I find Wired thought provoking.


If you want a perspective informed via an open community-based approach, quora is the way to go.  Quora is a forum where you can post a question and others can respond to it. Ideally the responses are from individuals with deep experience in the domain of the question.  And while upvotes often curate the best responses to the top, you should be ready to sift through some amount of less than meaningful responses and be intellectually (and emotionally) prepared for opinions that may differ significantly from your own.  How best to form a well informed opinion if not by reading and learning from those who disagree with you?


For an economic based perspective, Forbes is my go-to.  I remember when my father in law first got me a subscription for the magazine when I was in college umpteen years ago (yes, a paper based magazine that came in *gasp* … the mail!) I thought it was going to be BORE-ING!  I picked it up from one corner as though it stunk and carefully opened it as though I was going to catch some plague if I flipped thru the pages too quickly.  Then a funny thing happened.  As I started reading, I was amazed by the insights the authors shared.  They broke down seemingly complex and, for me at the time, foreign concepts about financial markets and society into explanations and frameworks I could understand and apply.  If there is one site among this list that you’re considering trying, I’d suggest this one.  And if you’re feeling really courageous, try going old school with a paper based subscription!  😉

A list of the best websites to read in the morning to feel smart


For all your current financial markets news this is the go-to site. You can read everything from quick snippets on current happenings in the market to in-depth posts from self-proclaimed industry experts.  I like it because it’s another community-based approach vs. only professional writers.


I will sometimes quickly scan my network’s posts – my network serves as a curation function in that they post things that are more likely of interestrelevancebenefit to me both professionally and personally.

Of course, if this is all too much for your brain early in the morning, there’s always an educational read on the thesis of why people love LOLCats of course!

Best Websites to Read in the morning lolcats

What other sites would you add to the list of best websites to read in the morning?



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