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Some movies are amazing and can be enjoyed with whoever you want. Other are simply the best movies to never watch with your mom. Netflix Movies | Best Movies | Movies to Watch Alone #netflix #movies #stream

Best Movies to Never Watch With Your Mom (or Parents!)

 People will say the sex scenes are well done, the language is beautifully written and the violence fits perfectly in R-rated movies. The problem is, these criteria often make movies also fall under the category of best movies to never watch with your mom. The story, writing, and acting, of course, make a good movie […]

The best feel good movies make you laugh, they lift your spirits, and they make the world look like the place we hope for it to be! #movies | Best Movies to Watch | Feel Good Movies | Best Classic Movies | What to Watch

Best Feel Good Movies that Make Everything Alright

 There are some movies out there that always make me feel great about the world. Feel good movies are great for watching when you need a “pick me up”, they’re also great when you just need something to watch that isn’t too heavy or intense. Feel good movies remind us to look for the good […]

Finding family friendly movies to watch is so much easier now that you have access to libraries of movies for families online. Comedy, Family Movies | Family-Friendly Movies on Netflix | Funny Family Movies | Movies About Family | New Family Movies | Good.Kids Movie

Family Friendly Movies to Watch at Home

 Families gather sometimes once a week to watch a movie together that is good for all ages. Therein lies the issue. You will need to find family friendly movies to watch that are suitable for all ages but also enjoyed by all ages. There absolutely is a difference between suitable and enjoyable. The question is, […]

The best Netflix shows 2019 add to an already extensive list of Netflix shows to watch with friends, family, or alone on the couch. Best Netflix Shows 2019 What to Watch on Netflix | What's on Netflix | Watch on Netflix 2019 | Netflix Originals | Netflix Shows | What to Stream 2019

Netflix Shows 2020 | Best Shows to Watch for All Ages

 In just the last couple of years, Netflix has done an amazing job with its original content. In fact, they have become the bar to which Disney+, Hulu, and every other streaming platform have been or will be compared. This success makes us all the more excited to see which Netflix shows 2020 will bring […]

The best Netflix shows for teen girls don’t have to make you cringe as a parent, they can actually be enjoyed by everyone. Netflix Shows for Teens | Netflix Shows for Young Adults | Binge Not Cringe | Shows on Netflix | What to Stream Today

Netflix Shows for Teen Girls That Won’t Make Parents Cringe

 Believe it or not, there are Netflix shows for teen girls that won’t make parents cringe. No matter what your personal parental preferences are, there are shows that leave the cringe-worthy material out while still allowing you both to relax and enjoy your evening.   What makes you cringe as a parent? There are surely […]

When you find funny books for adults, ones that actually make you laugh, you have to share them with friends and family and spread some joy. Books for Adults | What to Read | Books for Laughs | Comedic Books for Adults | Comedy Books

15 Funny Books for Adults to Read for a Good Laugh

 You can find the specific things that make you laugh, for adults, it’s slightly different than for kids. Funny books for adults to read will have humor that adults can understand and make them feel better than they did when they picked up the book. When you find funny books for adults, ones that actually […]

The best scary Netflix movies to watch will bend your mind and have you checking over your shoulder for nights to come. What to Watch on Netflix | Netflix Shows to Watch| Ghost Movies on Netflix | Netflix Films | Scary Movies | Free Movies to Stream #horrormovies #netflix #halloween

Scary Netflix Movies to Watch for a Frightful Night

 Horror, in particular, is hard to navigate because there is nothing worse than a bad horror movie. But there is also nothing better than a great horror movie. If you’re looking for scary Netflix movies to watch, save yourself 18 minutes and find the best one right away with this list.   In 2016, a […]

When you know what the best Netflix shows to binge watch as a couple are you have the makings for the perfect date night. Netflix Shows for Couples | Romantic Shows on Netflix | Date Night Netflix Shows | Netflix Shows for Date Night

10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch as a Couple

 Binging is the new date night, and couples can spend an evening with the best Netflix shows to binge watch as a couple. These shows cover many different genres and combine multiple different ones. There really is something for every couple. Netflix is a powerhouse of streaming entertainment. Anything you feel like watching can be […]

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