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Luxury Travel Pet Carrier -TSA Airline Approved with Detachable Wheels

Luxury Travel Pet Carrier -TSA Airline Approved with Detachable Wheels


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There was a time when oyu had to actually carry your luggage. You would have to pack light if you couldn’t carry it with you. Then, we added wheels to luggage and made it easier to travel. It is about time we do the same with pet carriers. This luxury travel pet carrier is fitted with wheels and is TSA approved. The hweels even detach to make it easier to store away. 

Luxury Travel Pet Carrier Features

  • Airline and TSA approved 
  • A zipper lock makes it escape proof
  • Comfortable interior with soft sides and a comfortable bed built in
  • Mesh panels allow for airflow & lets your pet see their surroundings
  • Made from durable materials to ensure that you get the best performance
  • Mesh pockets allow for convenient storage, and lots of windows make for comfortable ventilation and lookout for your pet, and look in spots for you

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