The Perfect Mojito: Shopping List and Tips

Perfect Mojito
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Making the perfect drink requires more than the basic ingredients and a glass you have in your cabinet. Some consider drinks to be as artisnal as a meal. I consider a good drink to be as memorable as a great meal. Take the mojito for example; to make the perfect mojito you need white rum, fresh mint leaves, sugar, club soda, and limes. Take things even further with a few tools to help make the best mojito you’ve ever had.

Need a shopping list for the best mojito ever?

To make the perfect mojito, you will need a few things that not everyone has on hand in their kitchens already but can easily get.

The Ice

The ice is a crucial part of a good mojito. Believe it or not, the ice serves two purposes the first being to chill your drink. The second purpose it serves is adding water to the drink to calm the intense flavors of the mojito. That second purpose means you need ice that will melt relatively fast, crushed ice. Get a crushed ice tray that makes getting crushed ice easy.

The Glass

Some drinks, like the Moscow Mule, require a particular type of glass to get the best experience. For the mojito, you need a tall skinny glass. You also will want the glass to be able to take a bit of a beating (more on that later). Also, if you’re buying a mojito glass, why not just get a set so you can share with friends or family?

Perfect Mojito

The Muddler

To make a good mojito, you need to muddle some of the ingredients. Quick tip, muddle the mint with the sugar in the glass before adding anything else. To muddle correctly, you will need a muddler. The point of muddling is to bring out the flavors of the mint without shredding the leaves.

The Lime

Cutting a fruit is pretty simple but if you want to do it like the pros you need a pairing knife. A pairing knife slices through the thick skin of many different citrus fruits. For the perfect mojito, you need a fresh lime cut in half. Use a pairing knife to slice through that lime like butter.

The Juice

Yes, you can buy lime juice at just about any grocery store, but isn’t fresh just better? The answer is yeah, yeah it is. To get the most out of your limes, you need a hand juicer made for citrus fruits. The lime juicer will help you get fresh lime juice without having to dirty your hands.

The Club

There is some debate here on if you should use club soda, mineral water or just plain water for the best mojito. I prefer club soda because it just seems to bring the flavors together. When you make a mojito you add the club soda in last. Some even say you just add a “splash of club soda.” You can use the ever so popular Schweeps or try something a little different and experiment with Izze. 
To make the perfect mojito, you will need a few things that not everyone has on hand in their kitchens already but can easily get.

The Rum

The rum is the most important part, without rum you just have a watered down club soda with leaves in it. If mojitos are on the menu, be sure to have white rum on hand. Do NOT use spiced rum, or rum with any sort of color unless you want to completely destroy the flavors. Bacardi white rum is one of the best rums you can use to make a mojito. So stock up on Bacardi White Rum.

Best Mojito Instructions:


  • 2 oz white rum, Bacardi
  • 1 lime
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 1 tsp powdered sugar
  • Club soda


  1. Muddle the mint leaves and sugar.
  2. Fill glass with ice, then add the rum and lime juice.
  3. Stir, then add a splash of club soda.
  4. Garnish with lime wheel or mint leaves.

The proper tools will help your mojitos taste better than anything you’ve had before. Don’t stress out; a mojito is easier to make than craft beer.




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