Wine Etiquette Tips and Ideas to Enjoy Each Glass

Wine etiquette is meant to help you enjoy your glass of wine even more than you already do and has nothing to do with becoming a snob.
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Drinking wine is a hobby of mine, and over the years I’ve learned a bit about the best way to drink. These best wine etiquette tips will give you an idea of how to have the best wine drinking experience. The great part is that there are guidelines for both reds and whites. Follow wine etiquette when you feel you can and the differences will be very obvious. Go on, try just a few of the suggestions and see for yourself!  Wine etiquette helps make a great glass of wine taste even better.

Wine etiquette is meant to help you enjoy your glass of wine more than you already do and make you feel more comfortable drinking it with others.

Wine glasses come in many different shapes and sizes. We can’t talk about wine etiquette without mentioning which glasses go with which wines! These are great for reds. You can’t go wrong with this set for general use. I prefer these for my white wines. If you like stemless wine glasses make sure you are using ones like this, and use them for red wine. Using them for white wine will be tricky because you might warm the wine too much with your hands when holding the glass. Of course there is also a perfect champagne flute, these are the best and they’re also so gorgeous!

Wine etiquette is meant to help you enjoy your glass of wine to the fullest extent possible. It can also help you impress other wine lovers.

When it comes to anything in life rules and etiquette are more like ideas and guidelines in my mind. Rarely has anyone achieved greatness by following the rules and sticking to protocol all of the time. However, when it comes to my favorite hobby, wine drinking, etiquette really does help improve the taste. Wine etiquette is meant to help enhance the wine drinking experience. No one will tell me that sticking my pinky out helps tilt the glass in just the right way to taste the smoky flavor of a good red. But they can certainly suggest that I hold a bottle a certain way to preserve the temperature.

Choose The Right Wine

We should start our conversation about wine etiquette the aisle of wherever you go to get your bottles. Here’s a myth: the higher the price tag the better the wine will taste. Wines vary, and there are delicious wines under $20. If you’re gifting wine, buying wine to serve guests, or just need a bottle to keep you company in the bath, cost is not equal to taste.Remember that, above all else.

How Much Do You Need?

Again, the amount of wine depends on the number of people you’re serving. If you are getting a bottle for yourself, one should do just fine. However, the best way to prepare is to count the number of people you’re expecting. Now, divide that by two and that’s how many bottles you need. Expect to serve everyone half a bottle of wine each.If you do buy a lot of bottles for your next party, save the corks and make these beautiful ornaments!

To Chill or Not to Chill

I think it’s pretty common knowledge, when it comes to wine, white should be served cold, red should be served at room temperature. That’s a pretty good rule of thumb to stick with when serving wines for guests. Once, a hostess served red wine chilled, when I inquired about it she told me that she likes them that way…Okay, that’s great. IF you are serving to guests, offer them a choice or stick with the basics!

Speaking of Temp

White wine is meant to be chilled, but you can ruin your hard work in one bad move. Holding the bottle incorrectly can increase the temperature of the wine inside! Here’s a tip, hold the bottle of wine by the stem. When pouring, place your other hand on the base, and you’ll help preserve the temperature.

Wine etiquette is meant to help you enjoy your glass of wine more than you already do and make you feel more comfortable drinking it with others.

Speaking of Pouring

When you’re pouring yourself a glass of wine there’s no rush, your wine won’t likely get warm while you put down the bottle. However, when you have guests over, you might want to offer to pour their glass first. This is especially key when you have a bunch of glasses to fill! Before you refill your own glass, look around and ask if anyone would like a refill. You’ll be a very polite hostess with exceptional etiquette…who also has a fresh glass of wine to drink!

What Glass?

There was a time when I couldn’t afford a nice set of wine glasses. Instead, I would use a regular glass or a coffee mug; don’t judge me. Now that I’m established in my marriage, as a mom, and in my career, I have nice wine glasses. When serving wine, try and use the right wine glass for the wine you are serving. If you don’t have an array of wine glasses just follow one simple rule. No paper cups and no coffee mugs, you’ll be okay! 

Right Levels

If you do have the right wine glasses or just a quality set of glasses in general, don’t fill the glass to the brim. Instead, fill the glass just to the widest point. This amount of wine is perfect for me, for others, and for you. Per glass of course, not for the entire night! 




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