10 Grab and Go Quick Snacks

Quick Snacks For On The Go
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Part of being a millennial means I’m part foodie. Being part foodie means I love to snack on everything from gourmet bites to grab and go quick snacks. However, the most important snacks to me are the grab and go ones. These quick snacks are a life saver when I am on the go which seems to be most of the time. Some of the quick snacks are healthy, and others just cure my sweet tooth, but all of them are delicious. 

You will enjoy these quick snacks as much as I do.

If you need some quick snacks because you're always on the go and hungry at the same time, then you're just like me. Luckily, I've found many solutions.


When I go to Disneyland, there are two treats I have to get before the day is over, a churro (or 3) and popcorn. When I go to the movies, popcorn is a must, no need to ask if I want any. Then I found the Boom Chicka Pop pre-popped popcorn and I had to try it, and I’m glad I did. You can get a variety of flavors, and you will enjoy every last one of them.

Apple Chips

One of the reasons I love churros is the cinnamon. What goes well with cinnamon? Apples do, apples go well with cinnamon. Bare makes some of the best cinnamon apple chips I’ve ever eaten. The best part of all is they’re 100 percent natural, and there is no added sugar or preservatives. Look, mom, I’m eating healthy!


When I visit my sister, she usually has a small stock of these for her kids and I steal some every time. Horizon Organic mozzarella cheese sticks just make me feel good when I eat them. These cheese sticks are organic and delicious and are really easy to grab and eat as I walk to my car.


You can call them cookies or chips but Belvita calls them biscuits, breakfast biscuits to be exact. Whenever I need to run out in the morning and have no time for my usual hearty breakfast, I grab a bag of Belvita. The biscuits are delicious and have a mixture of sweetness and grains to give you energy.


If you have Biena Roasted Chickpeas then you are enjoying award winning snacks. You can get a few different flavors and will find the protein and fiber content to be perfect. Chickpeas are fast becoming the healthy alternative to peanuts, but I will never give up my cashews. Instead, I’ll just enjoy both.


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