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Best Bars in Park City Utah

Park City, Utah is a great place for the adventurous outdoor types but even the outdoorsy types like drinks. Luckily for you, I’ve traveled to Park City, walked among the locals and drank with them as well. In my journey to getting just the right amount of buzz going, I stumbled across some of the best bars in Park City Utah. Some of these bars will take you back outside, and others will bring you in for warmth. After a long day on the slopes or hitting the trails for a hike head to the bars for a drink. No matter what drink you’re looking for you can find it in Park City Utah.

Traveling to Park City is always fun. When looking for the best bars in Park City Utah, we have the travel tips on where to drink so you can find the best bars on any budget.

No matter what drink you seek you can find it in Park City Utah.


If you are traveling to Park City Utah don’t leave without your travel essentials! I never go on a trip without my favorite luggage, my neck pillow, my chargers, and of course some noise cancelling headphones!

No Name Saloon | 447 Main Street

The design is great, the people are friendly, but there’s really only one thing I need to say about this bar. That one thing is their slogan, “Helping people forget their names since 1903!” *mic drop*

High West Distillery & Saloon | 703 Park Ave

Uber rides from Park City Utah to Salt Lake City (where I was staying) were long. If it wasn’t for that Uber ride though I would’ve avoided the bustling, overly popular spot. Why? Because I don’t like to hit the beaten path, I prefer to find the hidden spots for locals only. However, my Uber driver told me that the High West Distillery is loved by locals as well as tourists. I immediately saw why after walking in, the whiskey is made here, served here and you can buy bottles of it in the gift shop.

OP Rockwell | 268 Main St

The OP Rockwell has a very intimate setting, maybe too intimate at times. Luckily, the sign out front isn’t huge, so plenty of people pass it by. Those people are missing out, though, the staff is awesome and very welcoming, unlike some of the bars I go to in San Francisco where the goal is to get you drunk and get you out.

Old Town Cellars | 890 Main St. Ste 5105

Old Town Cellars isn’t exactly like most wine bars. Instead, it’s a tasting room where you can taste the wine they offer and then choose to buy a bottle or not. If you do buy a bottle, the tasting ends up being free!

Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub | 427 Main St

My grandfather is full Irish, and I know a thing or two about Irish pubs. Rock & Reilly’s didn’t disappoint. The crowds led to long bathroom lines, but great company and the vibe is definitely Irish dive bar. If that’s your scene, it’s mine for sure; then you will love Rock & Reilly’s.

Traveling to Park City is always fun. When looking for the best bars in Park City Utah, we have the travel tips on where to drink so you can find the best bars on any budget.

Tupelo Park City | 508 Main St

I’m not one for the finer things in life, and I also am a bit of a liar. Tupelo Park City was right up my alley. The mixture of comfort food with fine dining made it a very fun experience. Some say this restaurant is highly priced, but I invite them to dine in San Francisco.

Boneyard Saloon | 1251 Kearns Blvd

As a millennial, I am proud that my routine is to have some drinks and then find the nearest Jack n The Box for tacos. However, I didn’t have to Uber anywhere; Boneyard Saloon has some great bar food. Especially since they call themselves a “wine dive” bar.

Troll Hallen Lounge | 7700 Stein Way

One of the reasons I love Park City Utah so much now is the views of the mountains. Troll Hallen Lounge uses that view and throws in a fire pit. It’s a very fun bar to hang out at and the staff actually, knows their stuff. Ordering drinks from a person who knows is always a good thing.

Zoom | 660 Main St

There’s just something about eating at a place owned by a celebrity. You sort of want them to fail, unless you’re a fan, because why should they succeed here too? Well even with the haters out there, Robert Redford’s Zoom is a great place to get a good meal with a cold beer.

Fletcher’s | 562 Main St

Fletcher’s isn’t named after some guy or place but a dog. Fletcher was rescued from a shelter after being abused, mistreated and even shot. The new owners of the dog were touched that Fletcher survived and began to thrive over time. If the dog could survive, why couldn’t their dream? Thank you, Fletcher, for inspiring your owners to create this fantastic bar and lounge.


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