Best Healthy Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Quick Breakfast Bowl Recipes
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There are plenty of healthy cereal options available. I have no problem fixing a bowl of cereal for my children in the morning. But in the morning, I’d prefer to fill my bowl with something a little different. Something hearty, and perhaps a bit more grown up. Instead of a bowl of cereal, I like to try breakfast bowl recipes. The breakfast bowl gives the cereal bowl a whole new life, an adult life. By the way, most breakfast bowl recipes are healthy as well.

Change the way you use the cereal bowl and try some breakfast bowl recipes.

Cereal is great, and all but we can put those cereal bowls to better use in the morning with some of the best breakfast bowl recipes in town.

Making breakfast bowls can be super easy. Some items that you might want to keep on hand are almonds, walnuts, yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, dried fruit, oatmeal, and even quinoa!

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