Best Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

Best Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes
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Breakfast is a difficult meal for me and my kids don’t make it any easier. Syrup-drenched pancakes, sugary French toast, and buttery waffles call my name every morning. However, there are ways to stay healthy and enjoy breakfast at the same time. Healthy egg breakfast recipes allow you to enjoy that morning meal once again without the worry of weight, blood sugar, or cholesterol. Even if you find it difficult to say no to that extra side of bacon; you’re not alone. If you attack this issue from the right angle, you can either sneak in some bacon or cheat every once in a while. I mean my kids don’t always finish their breakfast, and that pancake calls out to me after they’ve gone. Nobody will know, right? 

Healthy egg breakfast recipes will help you ditch the sugary meal and replace them with an easy, filling, and healthy choice.

Crack some healthy egg breakfast recipes into your routine and enjoy breakfast again.


There are a few things I like to keep on hand for making healthy egg breakfast recipes. You’ll need the perfect egg pan, it can be tricky to cook the perfect egg without a great pan. This egg pan is great and you can cook anything in it without sticking issues. I have found over the years that a good cast iron pan is great for making breakfast recipes as well. Fresh veggies like tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, avocados, and peppers are all the perfect match for eggs. I keep them on hand so I know I can make a flavorful and easy omelette if I’m short on time.

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole | Little Spice Jar

Quinoa Breakfast Scramble | Wendy Polisi

Baked Spinach and Eggs | Manila Spoon

Egg Muffin Cups | Show Me The Yummy

Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes | Smile Sandwich

California-Style Fried Egg Avocado Toast | Whole and Heavenly Oven

Avocado Bacon and Eggs | Lil’ Luna

Breakfast Burrito | Living Chirpy

Egg White Scramble | All She Cooks

Ham and Cheese Egg Puffs | The Flying Couponer

Best Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

Sunrise Skillet | Six Sister’s Stuff

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash | Cafe Delites

Baked Denver Omelet | Cooking Classy

Idaho Sunrise | Gimme Some Oven

Eggs Benedict | Sally’s Baking Addiction

Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms | Healthy Recipes Blogs

Bacon and Egg Crescent Squares | Tablespoon

Quinoa Egg Muffins With Broccoli | iFoodReal

Egg White Breakfast Burrito | Melinda Besinaiz

Frittata Muffins | Aggie’s Kitchen

I had fun when eating breakfast for one and didn’t care about being healthy as much. Now that I have a family, health is a big concern, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it still. Also,not every healthy breakfast is made with eggs only, ever heard of a breakfast bowl?



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