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K9 Paw Balm for Dogs – All Natural | PETA Vegan

K9 Paw Balm for Dogs – All Natural | PETA Vegan


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Your dogs aren’t watching where they are stepping as much as oyu are. However, everywhere it walks is bare paw. Take care of those paws by using a K9 Paw Balm for Dogs. You can even make sure you use safe, all natural, cruelty free paw balm for utmost safety. In fact, this product is food grade and unscented. The unscented is to amke sure dogs don’t lick it away but it is safe if they do. 

K9 Paw Balm for Dogs Features

  • Made with only natural, food grade ingredients, which make them safe for pups to lick.
  • Ingredients: shea butter, aloe vera gel
  • Size: Approximately 30ml
  • 100% Cruelty free
  • SH Time – 5-9 days


  • Gently rub on paws, elbows or nose whenever your pup needs it.
  • K9 paw balm is unscented specifically for the sensitivity of animals. We have formulated the K9 paw balm to contain the best ingredients to ensure the health and safety of animals. However, if you have further concerns, we suggest speaking with a veterinarian. For topical use only.
  • This product was formulated for all dogs; however, since each individual animal will have different levels of sensitivity, we suggest testing the balm on a small area before wide-spread application. Please be cautious with any products on animals less than 12 weeks of age.

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