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Make these Halloween cocktails with whiskey at your Halloween party or as you wait to hand out candy for a happy Halloween. Red Halloween Cocktails | Signature Halloween Cocktails | Whiskey Halloween Cocktails | Devilish Cocktails | Themed Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails with Whiskey

 Halloween cocktails are perfect examples of this. You can have Halloween cocktails with whiskey that are similar to those we know already. But there is a special twist on them like red ingredients or orange ingredients. A whiskey sour could be a blood clot cocktail if you make it just right.    Cocktails are like […]

Chilly fall days mean it is time to cozy up with some of the best bourbon cocktails for fall! The good news? They are delicious all year round! Fall Cocktails | November Cocktails | October Cocktails | Winter Bourbon Cocktails Fall Liquor | Smoothest Bourbon

Bourbon Cocktails for Fall | Best Bourbon Fall Drinks

 There are purists out there who will say bourbon deserves to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks and sipped on. However, there is nothing wrong with venturing out and trying a new spin on a classic drink. In fact, bourbon cocktails for fall are the perfect way to cozy up with a drink on a […]

Spice up those fall and winter parties with colorful fall Jello shot recipes! Enjoy these fall Jello shots with family and friends! Apple Pie Jello Shots | Fireball Jello Shots | Jello Shots Ideas | Pumpkin Jello Shots | Candy Corn Jello Shots | Crown Apple Jello Shots | Green Apple Fireball Jello Shots | Halloween Jello Shots Syringes Recipes

30 Fall Jello Shot Recipes | Jello Shots Party Recipes

 Jello shots are just like cocktails; there are recipes for every occasion. That is part of what makes jello shots so fun, besides the fact that you’re getting a drink in jello form. Fall jello shot recipes take cues from the season like apples, pumpkins, and of course, the holidays.   There are many ways […]

Red White and Blue Drink Recipes with Alcohol

  There should, of course, be kid-friendly drinks at every 4th of July party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some spiked ones available for the adults. Better yet, make them red white and blue so they fit perfectly into the theme of any 4th of July, Memorial Day, or other patriotic celebration.   […]

Whether entertaining a few friends, your family, or a crowd, a vegetable platter is a must have party food! These vegetable platter ideas will help you display them perfectly for the occasion. Vegetable Platter Display | Vegetable Platter Guide | Entertaining Tips | Party Food | Party Ideas | Party Food Ideas for a Crowd | Easy Party Food Ideas

25 Vegetable Platter Ideas for Parties and Happy Hour

 Whether entertaining a few friends, your family, or a crowd, a vegetable platter is a must have party food! These vegetable platter ideas will help you display them perfectly for the occasion. Don’t forget to sweeten up your vegetable platter with a bright and breezy cocktail.   Get our popular summer cocktail recipes eBook for […]

Learn how to enjoy whiskey more with some easy whiskey drinks that just about anyone can make and you may end up with a new favorite happy hour drink. Whiskey | Whiskey Drinks | Whiskey Cocktails #cocktails #cocktailrecipes #happyhour

15 Easy Whiskey Drinks Anyone Can Make

 Did you know you can spell whiskey “whisky” and both are accepted because the “e” comes from the Irish and the Scottish took out the “e”. No matter which way you spell it, there are easy whiskey drinks that can help you start to enjoy whiskey just as much as the whiskey snobs.   Whiskey […]

Party Food Platter Finger Food Ideas Overhead View of a Bruschetta Platter

Party Food Platter Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods are particularly important for parties for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is actually the clean-up. Finger foods remove the need for utensils and, in some cases, plates or bowls. But there is more to having party food platter finger food ideas at the ready. The best party food platter finger food ideas can […]

Crockpot Little Smokies Party Food Recipes Party Decor Scattered Around

Crockpot Little Smokies Party Food Recipes

There are a few recipes that are considered staples at parties. For example, every party needs to have at least one dip, right? We should add crockpot little smokies party food recipes to that list of staples. These little morsels of meat are versatile and delicious. Crockpot little smokies party food recipes are perfect crockpot […]

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