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Faux farmhouse living room designs are not only chic living room designs, but they're also easy DIY home designs for a modern look. Small Living Room Designs | Simple Living Room Designs | Modern Living Room Ideas | Living Room Ideas Grey

Our Faux Farmhouse Living Room Designs to Inspire

Farmhouse style home decor has never been more popular. With its mix of the rustic past, but a modern sense of coziness, it’s a style that speaks to families and first apartment decorators alike. We see the farmhouse style as a breath of fresh air. The best part is, you don’t have to have a […]

Knowing the key spring cleaning things to do will help you take this cleaning tradition and get the most out of it for your lifestyle. When to Start Spring Cleaning | Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks | Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist | When is Spring Cleaning

10 Spring Cleaning Things to Do

We have all heard of spring cleaning. Researchers are unsure when spring cleaning started. However, the earliest idea comes from the Iranian Nowruz, Persian New Year which falls on the first day of spring. There is a tradition for the Persian New Year that translates into “shaking the house”. Shaking the house referred to a […]

Hydrogen peroxide cleaner DIY recipes are alternatives store-bought cleaners that are perfect for cleaning your home naturally and when you are low on supplies. What Strength Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning | Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda | Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide Shower Cleaner | What is the Percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide Used for Cleaning #DIY #cleaner

25+ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner DIY Recipes

There is a cleaner for everything these days. You might have one cleaner for your bathrooms and another for your kitchen. We use different bottles and sprays for our floors than we do for our sinks. Do we really know what is in all these cleaners? How many harmful chemicals do you unleash in your […]

Bullet journal spring cleaning ideas will double as tips for spring cleaning that keep your home and office organized. Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule | Household Bullet Journal | Bullet Journal House Cleaning Tracker | Cleaning Tasks Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Spring Cleaning Ideas

Bullet journals can help you organize so many different things. You could organize your finances, your fitness, your weight loss, your schedule, even your spring cleaning. Bullet journal spring cleaning ideas can really help you keep your cleanliness organized. In fact, a bullet journal is a good way to organize your spring cleaning but then […]

Use DIY Apartment decorating ideas to help inspire the more creative side of yourself and enjoy a beautiful living space at the same time. DIY Ideas | DIY Decor Ideas | How to Decorate an Apartment | How to Decorate a Wall | Decorating Ideas for Renters | Decorating Ideas for Apartments

DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas to Amp up Your Style

Whether it’s intentional or not, how you decorate your apartment says a lot about you. Works of art can showcase what you’re into, just as a lack of art can do the same. But there are those among us who want to show their greener side, or a side of them that recycles and is […]

Take your DIY craftiness to a whole new and exciting level with DIY whiskey barrel planter ideas for your front or back yard gardens. Whiskey Barrel Garden Uses | DIY Garden Crafts | How to Build a Garden | How to Use a Whiskey Barrel at Home

DIY Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas

As far as custom planters are concerned, the most widely used may just be the whiskey barrel. There are so many different DIY whiskey barrel planter ideas out there that it is easy to see why they’re so popular. While you may think whiskey barrels are so popular is because of the size, it’s actually […]

Figure out how to fix a leaky faucet so you can save yourself some time, some money, and get to know your home more intimately. How to Fix a Sink | Why Does My Faucet Leak | Home Improvement Tips | Home Talk

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet Easily

We’ve all experienced a leaky faucet from time to time, be it in our kitchen, bathrooms, garage, or just about anywhere else there is a faucet in your home. A leaky faucet is annoying and a waste of water, especially if left unfixed for long periods of time. The problem is, not everyone knows how […]

Using the best at home bar accessory ideas you can have the best bar in the city right in your own home and with your own private guest list. Bar Accessory Ideas | What You Need at a Bar | Wine Accessories | Whiskey Accessories | Bar Décor

21 At Home Bar Accessory Ideas for the Perfect Party

Having a bar at home is nice, you can enjoy drinks anyway you’d like to and you don’t even need to leave your house. You can even invite others over and keep the guest list down to only the people you want. The hard part is trying to make sure your bar has everything you […]

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