Best 2016 Movies (So Far)

Best 2016 Movies The Green Room Featured
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I LOVE going to the movies. Really I love watching movies in general but going to the theater is always a little bit better. Especially now that my favorite theater has entered the tech age. The box office is equipped with giant touch screens, the soda machines are those awesome freestyle machines with all the different flavors, and the seats are automatic recliners with touch controls. We even have a food delivery system now so I can get my must have popcorn and M&M’s with a medium soda without having to wait in line or miss a moment of the action! Because I go to the movies…a lot…I’ve seen the best 2016 movies. Not every movie has been a hit, and some of my favorites aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Still, we all can agree there have been some hits. These are my best 2016 movies (so far).

The Green Room | April 15, 2016

Best 2016 Movies The Green Room
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The Green Room is the perfect example of why I love seeing movies in the theater. Movies are made for a theater, with reactions from other people, loud sounds, and a giant screen! In The Green Room, some members of a punk band end up in the middle of a battle of white supremacists who are covering up a murder. Also the late Anton Yelchin is in this movie, and he is a favorite actor of mine.


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