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Make some easy backyard BBQ drinks to make sure your party guests stay cool while you cook and enjoy the summer weather. #BBQ #BBQrecipes #BestRecipes #drinks #drinkrecipes #summer #summerdrinks #summerrecipes

15 Backyard BBQ Drinks for an Outdoor Party

 It will be hot outside during a BBQ and the grill will make things even hotter. To stay cool, some can use a swimming pool or some misters. But if you don’t have either, you can just make some of the best backyard BBQ drinks for an outdoor party to help keep you cool. Get […]

Not all red white and blue drinks need to have alcohol and when they don’t you can share the party drinks with guests of all ages. #fourthofjuly #drinks #party | Fourth of July Drinks| Drinks for Kids | Red White and Blue Drinks

Red White and Blue Drinks Without Alcohol

 The staple celebration for the Fourth of July is a family BBQ but it can be celebrated in a variety of ways. The weather is usually nice and the day is filled with anticipation for the fireworks to come. But before the fireworks, we enjoy good old-fashioned American foods off the grill and wash them […]

Visit Chicago with the whole family and peek into the history of one of the major cities of the United States with free things to do in Chicago for kids. #thingstodo #kids #parenting #chicago #chicagoactivities #freethingstodo

11 Free Things to Do in Chicago for Kids

 Some of us are traveling with children and on a bit of a budget. Therefore, finding things to do in Chicago can be a little more difficult. No one said it was impossible because there is still plenty of fun and free things to do in Chicago for kids. Chicago is a city filled with […]

15 Free Things to Do in Orange County with Kids

 Many Orange County events are free to attend and make it even easier for a family to have a great time on the weekends. While there are other things that bring in tourists and theme parks that advertise special events, it’s the free things to do in Orange County with kids that make living here […]

Find the best finger food appetizers to help keep everyone at your party happy and full as they celebrate whatever the occasion may be, even if it’s just a summer Saturday. No matter what you're celebrating this summer or if you're looking for things to do in summer, parties are the way to go and the best summer recipes will help make them even better.

21 Finger Food Appetizers for your Summer Party

 A typical party meal consists of a few different parts like the main course and the desserts but the appetizers should never be forgotten. Finger food appetizers work best for summer parties and there are many different ones to choose from.   Summer is here and that means vacation time, bathing suits, and of course, […]

Use the best summer bullet journal ideas to help keep your life in order so you can enjoy the warm weather and your travels. What is a Bullet Journal | How to Make a Bullet Journal | How to Use a Bullet Journal | How to Use a Bullet Journal for Summer | Summer Ideas

10 Summer Bullet Journal Ideas

 Bullet journals are a great way to stay organized throughout the year. For students, bullet journals can help with their studies and for adults, they can help with work and responsibilities. But what about during summer vacation? Summer bullet journal ideas can help keep your life organized as well as your vacation plans.   Use […]

Plan your weekend around the best things to do in La Jolla California and discover what makes the jewel city shine as bright as it does. La Jolla Travel Tips |Things to do in California | Things to do in SoCal | Things to do in San Diego #travel #sandiego #lajolla

21 Things to do in La Jolla California

  When you visit La Jolla, you start to understand why the Spanish settlers called it a jewel. We discovered the countless things to do in La Jolla California that will allow you to see the beauty in the jewel city that sits on the cliffs of the west coast. Plan your weekend around the […]

With so many of the best free things to do in Orange County, you can save money without losing out on the fun as you explore one of the most popular areas in California. What to do in Orange County | Orange County Travel Tips | How to Save Money During Travel #orangecounty #thingstodo #travel

35 of the Best Free Things to Do in Orange County

Living in Orange County is an amazing experience for me and my family. There’s always something new to do or something that we haven’t done. While some activities could easily come with high costs, there are plenty of other activities that are completely free. The list of free things to do in Orange County is […]

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