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Health Benefits of Chocolate | What Makes Chocolate Healthy?

 It’s no secret that there are health benefits of Chocolate. We have been warned and encouraged over the years about eating chocolate, drinking wine, and a host of other drinks and foods that could either hurt or benefit us depending on who is writing the article. Before we begin looking at the health benefits of […]

25 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Breakfast Recipes to Start your Day

 The most important factor to breakfast is that it’s healthy. Healthy smoothie bowl breakfast recipes are a great place to start your adventure to a healthier lifestyle. These recipes can be put together in a hurry but not lose any of the health value. The best way to keep a healthy diet going is to […]

Fitness Bullet Journal | Weekly Spread Ideas for a Healthy Life

 We like to use a fitness bullet journal. Bullet journals are easy to use and customizable to your needs and objectives. From exercise goals to daily records and accomplishments, a fitness bullet journal offers a flexible format for anyone seeking to develop healthier habits and get in better shape. Many people desire new methods for […]

Healthy Instant Pot Family Recipes

The most crucial issue should be healthy, and making healthy recipes should always be a priority. Enter the Instant Pot. (Is there anything this pressure cooker can’t do?) Healthy Instant Pot recipes can help make that happen and conquer the time and ingredients issues. Feeding an entire family can be difficult for more than just […]

Easy and Healthy Oatmeal Balls Recipes for a Perfect Snack

 An oatmeal ball is a snack that is mostly made of oatmeal but adds other ingredients to keep it in a ball shape and make it portable. While it seems pretty straight-forward, and it is, there are many different easy and healthy oatmeal balls recipes you can choose from.   Oatmeal is a very healthy […]

Best Healthy Breakfast Bowl Recipes

 I’d prefer to fill my bowl with something a little different in the morning, not basic cereal. Something hearty, and perhaps a bit more grown up. Instead of a bowl of cereal, I like to try breakfast bowl recipes. The breakfast bowl gives the cereal bowl a whole new life, an adult life. By the […]

Best Quinoa Breakfast Recipes | Healthy and Easy Quinoa Dishes

 Quinoa is an amazing grain, and you can stock up without worrying if it will go bad quickly. I also like to keep some dried fruit on hand to go with my quinoa breakfast recipes. You can always add some dark chocolate, dried fruit, fresh fruit, honey, granola, or yogurt for a quick and healthy […]

Best Healthy Ways to Cook Chicken (that Actually has Flavor)

 Boiling chicken is fine, but that’s the problem, it’s just fine. The taste is pretty bland and to save it we add all kinds of seasonings minus the salt. Again, that’s just fine but can get old pretty fast. The number one enemy of eating healthy or dieting is boredom. Luckily for you have find […]

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