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Instant Pot Healthy Snack Recipes

The Instant Pot is great at making meals in a hurry that don’t taste like they were made…in a hurry. That power doesn’t have to stick to just meals though. Instead, you can use the Instant Pot to make yourself some healthy snacks in a hurry. These Instant Pot healthy snack recipes won’t taste like […]

Easy and Healthy Oatmeal Balls Recipes for a Perfect Snack

Oatmeal is a very healthy meal, in fact, oats could be the healthiest grain on earth. This is why people often use oatmeal balls as a snack. An oatmeal ball is a snack that is mostly made of oatmeal but adds other ingredients to keep it in a ball shape and make it portable. While […]

Healthy Instant Pot Family Recipes

Feeding an entire family can be difficult for more than just one reason. While it is impossible to help with every aspect of a healthy diet for an entire family, it is possible to knock out a few of those issues. The most important issue should be healthy and making healthy recipes should always be […]

Fitness Bullet Journal | Weekly Spread Ideas for a Healthy Life

Many people desire new methods for achieving a healthier lifestyle and higher level of fitness. Some turn to nutrition, like the ketogenic diet. Others focus on exercise and weight loss. But the most effective method for many begins with identifying their current habits. For this, we like to use a fitness bullet journal. Bullet journals […]

29 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Easy Weight Loss

Living a healthy lifestyle requires dedication to your body and your life. As part of a healthy lifestyle, healthy recipes are key. Every meal should be as healthy as it can be, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Weight loss is a battle that is often fought in the kitchen, during breakfast, lunch, […]

25 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Breakfast Recipes to Start your Day

The best way to keep a HEALTHY DIET going is to start each and every day with a HEALTHY BREAKFAST. Breakfast doesn’t require a full morning in the kitchen, cooking. Instead, a quick bite works great. The most important factor to a breakfast is that it’s healthy. Healthy SMOOTHIE bowl breakfast recipes are a great […]

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Work (that are Actually Good)

One of the biggest enemies of keeping up with a healthy diet is just life in general. Life always gets in the way. What I mean to say is work, work life gets in the way. It’s hard for me to stick to any given diet when I don’t have the time. On any weekday […]

Bullet Journal Ideas to Improve Your Health

Welcome to your go-to map of bullet journaling. This is an easy way to learn how you can journal your health. Many bullet journal ideas will improve your health once you put them into practice. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a bullet journal and how will it help my health? I’m […]

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