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Halloween Puppy Chow Recipe Finished on a Platter with Treat Bags in the Background

Halloween Puppy Chow Recipe

Halloween is a holiday of tricks and treats but the treats are the most important aspect. We all have our own traditions and preferences but the one thing we all have in common is the treats aspect. There are premade treats that we all enjoy but there are also homemade recipes for Halloween parties. In […]

Instant Pot Halloween Recipes Two Small Ghost Figures on a Smaller Pumpkin

Easy Instant Pot Halloween Recipes

Halloween recipes are fun to make and even more fun to eat. There are so many classic Halloween recipes like cupcakes, pies, and candies. But cooking tech has advanced since the first spooky recipes were ever shared. We now have things like crockpot and Instant Pots that make cooking easier. You can even use Instant […]

Halloween Cocktails with Whiskey Halloween Centerpiece with Pumpkins, Candles, and a Pinecone

Easy Halloween Cocktails with Whiskey for a Wedding

Weddings are classy events. Everyone is dressed well, ready to celebrate, and a lot of them are looking for something to drink. Classy events deserve classy drinks and that is why whiskey is a popular wedding drink to have. But there are themed weddings that are just as classy and maybe more fun, like a […]

Your options are vast if you decide to make some DIY couple Halloween costume ideas for Disney fans. Show off your Disney side on Main Street or at home! Halloween Costume Ideas | Disney Costumes | Disney Halloween Ideas | Disney Couple Ideas | How to Dress Up Like Disney Characters | Matching Costume Ideas

DIY Couple Halloween Costume Ideas for Disney Fans

We all have the opportunity to shed our personalities and appearances for one night a year. That night is known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween. We get to dress up as something from our dreams or nightmares and pretend to be something we aren’t. There are so many costumes to choose from but you […]

Make these Halloween cocktails with whiskey at your Halloween party or as you wait to hand out candy for a happy Halloween. Red Halloween Cocktails | Signature Halloween Cocktails | Whiskey Halloween Cocktails | Devilish Cocktails | Themed Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails with Whiskey

Cocktails are like anything else, they have different versions for different seasons. Summer cocktails, winter cocktails, they’re all the same but different. Halloween cocktails are perfect examples of this. You can have Halloween cocktails with whiskey that are similar to those we know already. But there is a special twist on them like red ingredients […]

Having the best Halloween decorations is a must for throwing a spooky and fun Halloween party that guests will enjoy! Outdoor Halloween Decorations | Scariest Halloween Decorations | Scary Halloween Decorations | Halloween Decorations Ideas | Halloween Decorations Amazon | Cheap Halloween Decorations

27 Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Party

The Halloween season is here and that means it is time to get a little spooky. There are plenty of decor options for the season, You could get scary and gory or cute and spooky or maybe you would rather find a place in the middle. You can rest assured that you will have plenty […]

Get trendy and cozy with the most fabulous fall outfits for women over 30 and add your own twists to make it more you. 2018 Fall Fashion | Women's Fall Fashion | What to Wear this Fall | Fashionable Outfit Ideas #fashion #outfit #style #fall #2018trends

15 Fabulous Fall Outfits for Women over 30

That same cozy feeling we search for on chilly fall evenings is the same feeling we want from our fall outfits for women over 30. Whether you like it or not, fashion is constantly changing, bringing new trends every year. With these fall outfits for women, you can be sure to stay on trend this […]

Use a few DIY no carve pumpkin decorating ideas to keep the knives and sharp tools out of reach of your children while they still get to enjoy the creatively spooky fun of Halloween. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids | No Carve Pumpkin Ideas | Halloween Crafts for Kids | DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

DIY No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Making a pumpkin a spooky Halloween decoration seems to require a lot of work. There are many different ways to decorate a pumpkin, some people like to carve, others like to shave them down, but there is one that requires no sharp tools and that kids can do as well. DIY no carve pumpkin decorating […]

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