Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Life is too short to not have fun and now you can have a little more with the funny section of Best of Life. We all love to laugh but we all laugh at different things. Luckily, the team here at Best of Life also laughs at different things. Our sense of humor can match with yours and we all can laugh at what we find funny. Using our posts in this section of Best of Life will give you the jokes and sense of humor you need on a down day or when you want to laugh with friends. Our goal is to share the funniest things we can find using our own sense of humor. being funny is a gift, but sharing it is just mandatory. Laugh with family, friends, coworkers. No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, being funny is always welcome and we have the stuff you need to get it done properly.

Let fun drinking games for two add laughs to a night of enjoying a glass of wine or shot of liquor with a significant other or friend. Drinking Games | Best Drinking Games | Wine Drinking Games | Drinking Games for Two | Best Drinking Games for Two

Drinking Games for Two {Wine, Beer, and More}

Drinking games are usually played with more than two people. These games are designed to make a party interesting or to break the over...
Summer is here and it is time to enjoy fun in the sun and backyard BBQ's! Here are ten of the best backyard games to make your party a total blast!

10 Best Backyard Games for Parties

One of my favorite things about living in a warmer climate is being able to be outside more often. We love hanging together as...
Here are some hilarious tequila quotes that you may actually remember...because they're hilarious...and fun...and very true! Funny Quotes | Quotes to Say Cheers to | Tequila Drinks | Quotes for Drinking | Drinking Quotes

15 Hilarious Tequila Quotes You May Actually Remember

Tequila is a fickle mistress. You never know when she's going to come calling your name or what might happen once you answer the...
Some movies are amazing and can be enjoyed with whoever, and others are best movies to never watch with your mom. Movies to Never Watch with Parents | Best Movies | Bad Movies to Watch | Movies to Watch Alone

Best Movies to Never Watch With Your Mom (or Parents!)

When I decide if a movie is good in my opinion I follow what I call the HBO rule of thumb. The rule gives...
Donuts make everyone happy and bring people together around a simple love for puffy sugary goodness. The donut lover in you will adore these gifts! Best Gifts | Gifts for Kids | Funny Gifts | Doughnut Fan Gifts | Donut Fan Gifts | Holiday Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Donut Lovers

This year, Friday June 3rd marks National Donut Day! Whether you love glazed, chocolate, strawberry, jelly filled or desire sprinkles on top, National Donut Day...
Types of Friends from the temporary to the lifetime friends

Types of Friends from the Best to the Tolerable

It got me thinking about the types of friends we have.  We, my wife and I.  We have a lot of common friends now,...
stupid movies to watch on netflix

Best Stupid Movies to Watch on Netflix

I have officially been absent cable for over 6 months now. I believe that makes me a “cord cutter” in the truest sense of...
You may know these worst neighbors well or haven't yet met. They are in a league all their own, they are the best of the worst neighbors.

Best of the Worst Neighbors

I have neighbors. Most of them I like. We don't always hang out together, but we have mutual respect and understanding that, as homeowners,...