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Take your DIY craftiness to a whole new and exciting level with DIY whiskey barrel planter ideas for your front or back yard gardens. Whiskey Barrel Garden Uses | DIY Garden Crafts | How to Build a Garden | How to Use a Whiskey Barrel at Home

DIY Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas

 There are so many different DIY whiskey barrel planter ideas out there that it is easy to see why they’re so popular. While you may think whiskey barrels are so popular is because of the size, it’s actually for the look. An old barrel in the garden offers a classic vibe that will lend any […]

There are many tourist things to do in LA that gives the city life, gives the locals things to do, and make visitors feel like they’re center stage. Best Things to do in LA | Best Tourist Activities in LA | What to do in LA #LA #travel #thingstodo #LAfun

15 Best Tourist Things to Do in LA

 While skipping the tourist traps is understandable, that doesn’t mean that tourist activities aren’t fun too. Take LA, for example. The best tourist things to do in LA are just as good as trying to blend in and live like a local. In fact, LA is a place where even the locals participate in tourist […]

Mother’s Day quotes mom and daughter outside

5 Mother’s Day Quotes That are Short and Sweet

 We all could use a little inspiration for those Mother’s Day gifts. In fact, you could even use some Mother’s Day quotes to write in a card or add to your DIY project. Ultimately, these are good reminders for why we celebrate our mothers even more than we already do on a daily basis in […]

These unique bars in San Francisco will not only serve you a good drink, they will also serve you with great memories and good times whether you are just visiting San Fran or live in the area. Where to Drink in San Francisco | Things to do in San Francisco | Things to do in California | Best Bars in San Francisco #sanfrancisco #travel

11 Unique Bars in San Francisco

 If San Francisco is anything, it’s unique. It would be hard to walk around just about any part of San Francisco and not find something unique. The uniqueness flows through everything and is just part of the city. There are even unique bars in San Francisco that are among the best bars in the city. […]

Host your very own Irish-themed party with fun and colorful St Patricks Day decorations that add some festive green to your St Patrick’s Day party. St Patrick’s Day Decorations Amazon | St Patrick’s Day Decorations DIY | St Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas | St Patrick’s Day Outdoor Decorations | Irish Celebration Decor

Best St Patricks Day Decorations for a Cheap Party

 Throwing your own St. Patrick’s Day party is even more fun because you can really get into the spirits of the holiday without worrying about getting home safely. You’re already home. All you need is an invite list, some great Irish recipes, and of course, some of the best St Patricks Day decorations.  There is […]

Quotes About New Beginnings After Divorce Woman Standing on a Rock with Mountains in Front of Her and Her Arms in the Air

Best Quotes About New Beginnings After Divorce

 Divorce is hard to talk about. Some people may consider it the darkest time of their lives, while others think it’s the beginning of another. There are some good reminders of that idea in quotes about new beginnings after divorce. Quotes about new beginnings after divorce can help us remember that life goes on, and […]

Bullet journal spring cleaning ideas will double as tips for spring cleaning that keep your home and office organized. Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule | Household Bullet Journal | Bullet Journal House Cleaning Tracker | Cleaning Tasks Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Spring Cleaning Ideas

 You can organize your finances, your fitness, your weight loss, your schedule, even your spring cleaning with a bullet journal. Bullet journal spring cleaning ideas can really help you keep your cleanliness organized. In fact, a bullet journal is a good way to organize your spring cleaning but then keep track of your cleaning schedule.  […]

The best St. Patrick’s Day quotes work great as holiday toasts while teaching a bit of St. Patrick’s Day history. St Patrick’s Day Quotes Funny | Catchy St Patrick’s Day Phrases | St Patrick’s Day Greetings | Funny St Patrick’s Day Sayings | St Patrick’s Day Verses | St Patrick’s Day Words

15 St Patricks Day Quotes to Celebrate the Irish Spirit

 We should put in a little effort to understand the holiday and the culture that surrounds St Patricks Day. The best way to learn something quickly is through quotes. St Patricks Day quotes can help you get little glimpses of what the holiday means to the Irish. You might even find that the holiday means […]

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